Getting Started - 8 Steps To Breaking Ground On Your New Home

1) Select A Lot

The lot you choose has an impact on the type of house you can build. The width, depth, and slope all must be taken into consideration. Lake lots also have flood zone requirements that effect the elevation and location of the home on the lot. Dick will provide consultation to help you best utilize the characteristics of your lot. If you have not yet purchased a lot, Dick can suggest the type of lot that is suited for the plan you have in mind.

2) Select A House Plan

The design of your new home is the most important step. This is the blue print for your living for years to come. Based on the characteristics of your lot, the size and style of home you would like, Dick can help you narrow down your search for the right home plan. Finding a home plan is much easier than it was in the past when it required scouring scores of plan books & magazines. The internet offers several excellent web sites that can quickly narrow your search to your exact requirements. Some of the better sites can be accessed through the design section of our web site. For a truely one of a kind home, Dick can recommend designers or architects to design a new or modify an existing plan specific to your wants & needs.

3) Develop Preliminary Pricing

At this point in the process you may only have a vague idea of what you want in terms of cabinetry, counter tops, floor coverings, plumbing and light fixtures, etc. Together we will develop an estimate based on allowences for these items. More than you expected? Dick can make suggestions on ways to save. Less than expected? You probably won't need any suggestions.

4) Rough Stake Home and Mark Trees for Removal

With preliminary plans in hand it is now time to see how your new home fits on your lot. By staking the corners of the home, you can see what views and exposures you will have. This is the time you may consider adding or eliminating windows. Also this is the time to determine what trees will need to be removed to place your home and enhance your views.

5) Architectural Review

Most communities have an Architectural Review Committee that will review your proposed plans, exterior selections, the location of your home on the lot as well as the trees marked for removal. Being familiar with the requirements of many of the ARCs in the area, Dick can help in this process.

6) Final Pricing

Once the review are complete, any changes to the plans have been made, and selections or budgets have been agreed upon, the final price can be established.

7) Development and Signing of Contract

Based on the final price a Cost Plus or Fixed Price contract can be drawn. The contract includes the construction specifications and the allowances for the owner selected items. Owner selected items such as brick, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, floor coverings etc. These items will be selected at certain points during the build process. Dick will provide detailed forms for you to fill in the desired items.

8) Financial Arrangements Secured

Once the contract is signed then the earnest money is due. Payment schedules will be set by Dick, you and/or the mortgage company.